A Straighter Smile with Ceramic Braces in Ontario, CA

We all want a beautiful smile, and straightening misaligned teeth is a great way to start. Ceramic braces can be the ideal option for many patients who are looking to correct the alignment of their teeth without the visibility of metal braces.

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Straighten Your Smile without MetalPicture of a couple with beautiful, straight smiles

For children and adults who will benefit most from traditional orthodontia, we provide braces that feature ceramic brackets and a lightened metal wire for a more discrete treatment option.

Ontario River Arch Dental provides both clear and tooth-colored ceramic brackets, depending on the needs and preferences of our patients. While tooth-colored brackets are beneficial for patients whose teeth are more opaque, clear brackets are appropriate for those with more translucent teeth. 

Many of our adult and teenage patients prefer ceramic braces over metal when choosing for themselves and their children. 

The Benefits of Ceramic Braces

Since the first clear brackets were made from plastic and stained easily, many people still believe this to be the case. In reality, today’s clear orthodontic brackets are made from ceramic and resist staining.

Ceramic’s ability to blend in with natural teeth makes it a discrete option and is highly preferable to metal which stands out in the smile.
The material used by our Ontario clear braces provider is highly durable. They are chip resistant and difficult to break under normal circumstances.
This option is often found to be more comfortable than traditional braces as well. Our patients have reported that they experience less soft tissue irritation due to the smoothness of the ceramic brackets.

Many Orthodontic Options to Choose From

At Ontario River Arch Dental we can meet your orthodontic needs through our wide range of options for braces. Whether you have mild dental misalignment or extensive malocclusions we have the solution.

From early children’s interceptive orthodontics and full ceramic or metal braces to Invisalign® trays for adults and teens, we have the orthodontic treatment that will best meet your needs.

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We follow our orthodontic patients closely and are dedicated to helping them achieve the best results possible, no matter which option they choose.

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