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Smile Makeover 101

Sep 21 • 2 minute read

Your Ontario River Arch dentist wants to provide total smile makeovers to any patient who wants to upgrade their smile from the ground up. With this procedure, anyone can have a bright, straight, and uniform smile they can be proud of. It’s one way to adjust the entire smile using cosmetic dental improvements such as porcelain crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, and composite fillings.

The Easy Smile Makeover Process

Within as little as two visits to your dentist, your smile can be changed. The first visit is a primary consultation, during which our Ontario dentist examines the mouth, takes impressions or digital scans, and plans the makeover. Your dentist offers recommendations on what would improve the smile best, but the patient still gets to decide. In this part of the process, knowing your personal smile goals is key. Whether you simply want a brighter smile or an entirely new look to the teeth will define what kind of improvement you receive.

You may decide that you want your teeth to be shaped differently to match your facial structure; for example, a round face can look better with longer teeth. Since everyone’s smile is unique, the dentist matches the smile makeover to each patient’s facial structure. The next part is the actual placement of the smile improvements, which can be done in a single visit.  Not only will your new smile be beautiful, but it will be functional and perfectly expressive of your own facial features.

Is the Smile Makeover for Me?

Over time our teeth get damaged, either from accidents and routine wear or sometimes teeth just don’t hold up. A smile makeover can restore confidence in the smile by evening out teeth, removing stains, and repair cracks or chips. Porcelain veneers are placed on a tooth’s surface and make the teeth look naturally in line and are one way to get that Hollywood smile.
Here are a few quick facts about cosmetic dental improvements for your smile makeover:

  • Porcelain crowns and veneers are tooth-colored, but require some tooth preparation before placement in the smile. They are teeth colored, match the sheen of natural teeth, and are about as durable. When produced they are color-matched to provide.
  • Teeth whitening in-office will match the shade of the teeth to look the most natural. No one wants teeth that look too white or are uneven in their whiteness. In-office whitening will create a uniform, white smile.

Call Dr. Dinh for a Smile Makeover in Ontario

A rejuvenated smile can totally change the look of the face and drastically improve dental happiness. If you have teeth imperfections, schedule an appointment with us and discover the opportunities to improving your smile. 

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