Children's Braces & Orthodontics in Ontario, CA 

River Arch Dental is your home for children’s braces and orthodontic treatment in Ontario, CA. Dr. Lan T. Dinh and his team provide friendly care for young patients, helping them understand the benefits of braces and what they can expect with treatment.

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Early Correction of Bite Problems

A misaligned bite can be particularly problematic as patients grow older. Overbite, underbite, and crossbite lead to jaw pain, uneven wear on teeth, and can ultimately cause teeth to crack and chip. These deteriorated or damaged teeth will eventually need restoration with prosthetics, like crowns and veneers. We help prevent this process by correcting signs of bite problems early and addressing minor to severe malocclusion of children’s teeth. 

Dr. Dinh provides treatment to correct class I and class II overbites and underbites. These deeper bite problems are typically characterized by one arch of teeth completely overlapping another and require orthodontic attention to resolve. Through children’s braces and additional appliances to reposition jaw arches, we help patients enjoy healthy and beautiful smiles.  

Orthodontic Appliances for Kids and Teens

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When your family visits our office for children’s orthodontics in Ontario, you are treated to a customized plan of care that addresses your needs. Whether your child has large gaps between teeth, crowding, or the bite problems mentioned above, Dr. Dinh and his team provide the necessary procedures for creating ideal alignment. Children’s orthodontics at River Arch Dental can include:

Metal Braces – In most cases, traditional metal braces are the best way to dependably realign teeth and create bite balance. For children and teens, getting braces is seen as a rite of passage. Children often benefit from and are interested in orthodontics. Metal braces provide predictable treatment for mild to severe misalignment. 

Palate Expanders – Children who have small dental arches may experience crowding as their baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth move in. To prevent the need for extraction, and ensure ample space for alignment and growth, palate expanders are utilized to create extra room in a dental arch. 

Headgear – Complex bite alignment problems call for additional care in the form of headgear.  These appliances are attached to braces by bands or brackets and exert the additional force needed to correct jaw alignment. Ask our dentists about how headgear can be easily incorporated into your child’s orthodontic treatment plan. 

Our goal is to ensure your child’s health and wellness through orthodontics. We provide tips and education on wearing, using, and caring for dental appliances, especially as they pertain to cleaning around braces and palatal expanders.

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