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Restoring Missing Teeth with Implants in a Day

Nov 23 • 2 minute read

Missing one or more of your teeth can be troublesome, to say the least. Navigating through all the different options available for tooth replacement can be overwhelming. When it comes to dental implants, the ideal method of replacing teeth and restoring dental function, some people may feel that waiting months for a new smile is not worth the cost and inconvenience.

You may have heard about same day implants and crowns in a day as these expedited procedures are becoming more common every day.

How Long do Traditional Implant Restorations Take?

While traditional dental implants can take from three to six months for the jaw bone to fully integrate with the implant post, some patients are eligible to have implants and restored the same day.

What makes Someone a Good Candidate for Same day Implants and Restorations?

Your dentist or oral surgeon will assess your jawbone volume to determine if you need any bone grafting. This procedure enriches and strengthens your jawbone so it is capable of providing a secure hold for the implant. If you don’t have sufficient  bone volume and need bone grafting, this may eliminate you as a candidate; however, the following alternatives can help you qualify for implants quickly, if not the same day:


All-on-4® is a system from Nobel Biocare that uses four posts to support a full-arch bridge. This technique requires less bone volume for the posts to fully integrate and can support prosthetics that replace a full assembly of teeth.

It is possible to have your bridge or denture crafted before your implant procedure is scheduled so you can have this full smile restoration completed on the same day.

Mini Implants

Mini implants are an option that provides much shorter healing time and allows for restorations to be placed at the same appointment. This is especially useful and for patients who do not immediately qualify for traditional implants. Mini implants can be used for single tooth replacement and support bridges and dentures.

Choosing the right dentist is key. Seek a  provider who is highly trained and experienced with the application of All-on-4® or mini implants as well as traditional implants.

At Ontario River Arch Dental, Dr. Lan T. Dinh provides high-quality implant restorations using Nobel Biocare’s All-on-4® process, and other methods of expedited dental implantation.

If you want to explore your dental implant choices in Ontario, call Dr. Dinh today.

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