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Taking the Fear out of Dental Implants

Dec 15 • 2 minute read

Feeling confident about your dental procedure is the first step to accessing the care you need. The surgical processes involved in implant treatment can intimidate some patients and prevent them from seeking out life-changing prosthetics for missing teeth.

At River Arch Dental, we have created this blog to help our patients understand the implant procedure, making them more comfortable as a result.

Does Implant Surgery Hurt?

This is the question that nervous patients ask the most. No one looks forward to oral surgery, but for those with dental anxiety, the idea of getting implants can seem especially nerve-wracking; however, we put patients at ease by providing information on the many precautions we put in place. As with any oral surgical procedure, the treatment site is thoroughly numbed before the process begins. While implants are placed through soft tissue and into the bone, you won’t feel anything but slight pressure on the jaw.

Patients are often pleasantly surprised at how comfortable implants surgery is. While it can seem like an extensive process, it usually takes just an hour, during which time one or several implants can be added.

How Long Does it take to Recover?

For some patients, the procedure itself isn’t a hurdle as much as the thought of the recovery process. While you are numbed throughout the treatment, when you go home to recover, you are outside of the doctor’s care and left to your own devices. Other than minor soft tissue swelling at the site of placement, the implant recovery process is typically quick and painless.  Many patients actually go back to work or their daily routines right after their implant appointment.

Is a Dental Implant That Much Better than a Bridge or Denture?

If fear of cost or invasiveness of treatment is putting you off of implant dentistry, you should know that implants are the gold standard of care for missing teeth. Implants replace the natural tooth root in a way that traditional bridges and dentures cannot. The lasting benefits of enjoying permanent new teeth that fit and feel like your own should outweigh the anxiety over the cost of investment or fear of oral surgery.

If you have questions about dental implants or are nervous about an upcoming procedure, we encourage you to call River Arch Dental today to learn more about this process. We pride ourselves on making care comfortable and stress-free for all of our patients.

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