The Importance of Orthodontic Bite Correction

Dec 23 • 2 minute read

Orthodontic treatment is seen by some as a purely aesthetic and is often delayed until it is too late for less complex care, or until corrective surgery would be necessary to change jaw alignment.

At Ontario River Arch Dental, we provide early orthodontics for developing smiles, allowing us to correct bite alignment issues non-invasively. We have created this guide to explain the damage that can occur when the bite is improperly aligned, and how this can be addressed, whether non-invasively through orthodontic treatment or by surgical intervention.

What Can a Misaligned Bite Do?

Improper bite alignment is one of the leading causes of temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD. This condition not only causes significant discomfort for patients but can lead to the loss of cartilage in the joint of the jawbone.

Malocclusion is also a common cause for wear on the teeth. If the upper and lower teeth to fail to meet normally as your bite comes together, f abnormal pressure is placed on the enamel, which increases the likelihood of chipping and cracking. If the tooth cracks too deeply, restoration through a crown is often required.

Surgical Bite Alignment

If malocclusion is not addressed while the jaw is still developing, surgical treatment is sometimes necessary. An oral maxillofacial surgeon will separate the portions of the lower jaw and amend them in order to achieve the ideal alignment for your bite. While effective, this treatment is much more invasive than orthodontic options and requires a period of recovery.

Early Orthodontic Treatments for Bite Alignment

Phase one orthodontic care allows patients to have their bites aligned early on, without the need for surgical treatment or the extraction of teeth. Phase one orthodontic care regularly involves the use of palate expanding appliances as well as appliances that shift the upper and lower jaw into alignment with each other.

During this form of treatment, an orthodontist assess the current state of a developing bite and determines issues that exist or are likely to develop. Treatment is then prescribed and applied as necessary, allowing for the correction of the bite. Mild instances of bite misalignment can also be corrected through traditional metal braces.

To learn more about how orthodontic treatment can help you achieve your ideal bite alignment, contact Ontario River Arch Dental today.

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