Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants

Jan 26 • 1 minute read

Are dental implants a cosmetic procedure? Cosmetic dentistry is any service that enhances the appearance of your smile. While dental implants do plenty for oral function and general wellness, they can be considered cosmetic in the way they seamlessly integrate into your smile and create a natural aesthetic.

But dental implants support appearance in more ways than one, including:

Creating the Ideal Environment for Aesthetics

Missing teeth are a hassle that cause a domino effect on surrounding teeth. Teeth bordering a gap in your smile begin to lean towards this empty space, causing misalignment. Straight teeth are a priority for many patients, and if you have an otherwise well-aligned smile, losing one or more teeth can compromise its appearance. Placing an implant prevents crowding and shifting of teeth.

Implants build a foundation upon which additional cosmetic services can be provided. Even if your teeth are white and bright – a missing tooth still detracts from your appearance. Implants create a full and healthy smile that can then be improved upon with dental bleach and additional restorative services for desired aesthetic. Natural teeth can also be whitened to match the shade of your implant-supported teeth.

Preventing Unattractive Changes to your Smile

When teeth have been missing for years, the foundation and structure of your smile change. Without tooth roots to stimulate bone through regular chewing function, tissue begins to shrink and deplete. Not only does this weaken the support for existing teeth, but thin jaw bone changes the way your face appears overall.  Patients with prolonged tooth loss may be easy to spot because of a prematurely aged facial aesthetic.

Seeking implant treatment right away helps prevent the loss of bone volume. Other prosthetics, namely bridges and dentures, cannot provide the same benefits to hard tissue, as they rest above the gums. With a dental implant, your jaw receives the same stimulation as it would with a natural tooth.

Ask our Dentists about a Cosmetic Makeover with Dental Implants

If you have questions about how an implant can provide you with a smile that is evenly aligned, as well as full and healthy, contact our office today. We recommended implant treatment as a comprehensive solution to the aesthetic challenges of tooth loss and welcome you for a consultation to discuss your needs.

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